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NSYTRV22PE Terminal block, Linergy TR, green-yellow, 2.5mm2, 2 points

NSYTRV22PE Terminal block, Linergy TR, green-yellow, 2.5mm2, 2 points


Linergy TR is terminal block for Linergy. It belongs to linergy earth terminal block with 2.5 mm² nominal cross section. It has green-yellow surface treatment. Mounting by clip-on and sideways connection by single-level 1x1 screw terminals. It could be connection and disconnection by screwdriver. It is compatible with spacial enclosures for Prisma G, Prisma P, Pragma, Prisma PH, Prisma Pack, Spacial, Kaedra, TeSys. Sold in lots of 50 units. Ambient air temperature for operation is from -40 to 130 °C conforming to IEC 60216-1 and VDE 0304-T21. Multi standards certified (ATEX, CSA, cURus, DNV, GL, LR, VDE, IEC-Ex, EAC). It is compliant with Green Premium (RoHS/REACH).

  • Specifications

    Range Linergy
    Product name Linergy TR
    Product or Component Type Terminal block
    Device short name TRV
    Terminal block type Protective earth
    Terminal block level 1
    Mounting Mode Clip-on
    Nominal cross section 0.00 in² (2.5 mm²)
    Length 1.88 in (47.7 mm)
    color Green-yellow
    Quantity per Set Set of 50
    Width 0.20 in (5.2 mm)
    Height 1.87 in (47.5 mm)
    Connections - terminals 1 x screw terminal upstream
    1 x screw terminal downstream
    number of connections 2
    Connection position Sideways
    Number of measurement input 2
    Cable cross section 0.00…0.01 in² (0.14…4 mm²), solid
    0.00…0.00 in² (0.2…2.5 mm²), flexible with cable end
    0.00…0.01 in² (0.14…4 mm²), flexible without cable end
    Tightening torque 4.43…5.31 (0.5…0.6 N.m)
    Wire stripping length 0.35 in (9 mm)
    Tool type Connection screwdriver
    Disconnection screwdriver
    Material Polyamide 6/6: insulating case
    Dielectric loss 0.01 at 1 MHz IEC 60250
    0.01 at 1 MHz VDE 0303-T4
    Dielectric constant 3.7 at 1 MHz
    Resistivity 10000 MΩ.m IEC 60093
    10000 MΩ.m VDE 0303-T30
    Surface resistance 1000 GΩ IEC 60093
    1000 GΩ VDE 0303-T30
    Creep resistance 500 CTI (> 400 kB) IEC 60093
    500 CTI (> 400 kB) VDE 0303-T30
    Flame retardance V0 0.03 in (0.8 mm) UL 94
    Net Weight 0.41 oz (11.58 g)
    Range compatibility Prisma G
    Prisma P
    Prisma PH
    Prisma Pack
    Product Compatibility Spacial enclosures
    Product Certifications GL
    Dielectric strength 1000 V IEC 60243-1
    Ambient air temperature for operation -40…266 °F (-40…130 °C) IEC 60216-1
    -40…266 °F (-40…130 °C) VDE 0304-T21
    Ordering and shipping details
    Category US10CP521715
    Discount Schedule 0CP5
    GTIN 3606480531842
    Returnability Yes
    Country of origin DE
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