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METSECT5MC050 Current transformer tropicalised DIN mount 500

METSECT5MC050 Current transformer tropicalised DIN mount 500



This current transformer, tropicalised for busbar and cable, has a line rated current of 500 A and a secondary current rating of 5 A. This current transformer do have a 41 mm x 41 mm opening. Compatible with a triple output for bar: 40.5 mm x 10.5 mm or 32.5 mm x 20.5 mm or 25.5 mm x 25.5 mm. Burden and accuracy class as follows: class 0.5 maximum power: 10 VA, class 1 maximum power: 12 VA.

  • Specifications

    Range PowerLogic
    Product name CT
    Product or component type Current transformer
    Secondary current 5 A
    Accuracy class Class 0.5 at 10 VA
    Class 1 at 12 VA
    [In] rated current 500 A
    current transformer type Tropicalised for busbar and cable
    current transformer ratio 500/5
    [Ith] conventional free air thermal current 30 kA
    dynamic withstand current 2.5 Ith
    Maximum safety factor 5
    [Ue] rated operational voltage < 720 V AC 50/60 Hz
    [Ui] rated insulation voltage 3 kV
    Mounting mode By screws
    Insulated locking screw
    mounting support Busbar
    Mounting plate
    DIN rail
    Width 70 mm outside:
    41 mm inner:
    Height 95 mm outside:
    41 mm inner:
    Depth 45 mm frame:
    65 mm total:
    Diameter 32 mm
    Net weight 0.429 kg
    [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage 3 kV
    Electrical insulation class Class B
    Cable outer diameter 32 mm
    Opening of bars 40.5 x 10.5
    25.5 x 25.5
    32.5 x 20.5
    Sealing Without
    standards VDE 0414
    IEC 61869-2
    product certifications CE
    IP degree of protection IP20
    Relative humidity 0…95 %
    Ambient air temperature for operation -25…60 °C
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